Trees and logs Daventry

Terms and Conditions

Trees and logs Daventry


T1. General

In these conditions of sale:
a) The company means Cutting Edge

2. Delivery

1. The company will make every effort to deliver on the agreed date, but if for any reason the company is unable to deliver then no liability, whether in damages or otherwise, for delay of whole or any part of the goods ordered shall be assumed by the company.

2. Delivery by the company shall be conditional upon access free from encumbrances and good roads being available to the company vehicles to the place of delivery.

3. The company will not accept any liability for damages to property caused during delivery.

4. If the company, or its agent cannot gain access to the delivery address then additional costs may be incurred.

Deliveries are made using large vehicles and it is the customers responsibility to inform the company if there may be an access problem. In such cases that delivery,
in the opinion of the company is not possible, then the company reserves the right to cancel the order. The customer, or somebody appointed by the customer, should be at the delivery point to accept the delivery.

3. Supply of Products

Products are sold under the express understanding that:

1. Contracts for the supply of goods or services to retail or domestic customers are governed by The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) and supplied in compliance with, The Consumer Protection (distance selling) regulations 2000 as amended by S1689 2005. Any customers contacting in the course of their business are excluded from consumer protection legislation and are contacting with the company on a business to business basis.

2. The customer is fully aware that firewood and logs are natural products. We cannot guarantee that the appearance and/or colours of products shown in or on our site/advertising exactly reproduce the appearance and/or colours of the physical products themselves. Natural products may show some colour variations. All sizes quoted are approximate.

3. The customer fully understands that firewood is a perishable product, which must be properly stored with no risk of water damage before use.

4. The company require any complaint to be made in writing by the customer within 48 hours of collection or delivery. If the customer is dissatisfied with the product then it must be returned to the company within 7 days after the complaint has be logged. A refund will then be made for the original purchase price less the cost of
delivery and return fee.

5. All prices quoted by the company for the sale of firewood are subject to change.

6. Customers are required to pay the invoice total in full before delivery or on account as agreed.

7. Prices quoted are all-inclusive unless otherwise stated.

8. All firewood (however delivered) shall be at the customers risk from the time of collection (if so collected) or from the time of delivery. After such time the company shall be under no liability for loss or damage or deterioration of the
firewood from any cause arising.

4. Order amendments
Any order amendments must be made before goods are despatched, we are unable to amend orders after despatch.

5. Cancellation/Returns Policy

1. The customer has the right to cancel any product or services providing that any cancellation is made within 48 hours of the date of the order being placed / delivered. Call 01327 702038 or Mobile 07879 445202

Trees and logs Daventry

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