Trees and logs Daventry

About Cutting Edge.

We live trees,

Trees are our livelihood and lifestyle. We work with all kinds of trees from small garden trees where light reshaping is required to performing operations ranging from complete removal of the largest and most awkward of trees to aesthetic pruning of prized and champion and veteran trees. We specialise in working for domestic customers and country estates although all enquiries are welcome.

My scientific knowledge and wealth of practical experience has allowed the company to work with a great range of arboriculutural situations

About Trees and logs Daventry

Our interest in wood.

During my youth most of my time was spent working with trees in some form, either coppice crafts managing the understory of local woodlands and creating products from them to working with orchard charities and wildlife organisations, combined with the incessant need to climb everything lead to an early start in the world of arboriculture. At the age of 17 I started selling firewood to local people gathered from thinning operations in local woodlands cutting and splitting the wood using a chainsaw and axe, this combined with climbing works allowed me to finance my way through university where I learned all possible about the science and management of trees. Establishing the business at a young age with encouragement from both foresters at forest enterprise and also the wildlife trust I undertook my first contracts managing the safety of their trees and working on various interesting woodland projects. Cutting Edge was born.

We have evolved over the years to be a first rate contracting company having worked for multiple councils managing serious volumes of trees for them dealing with the standard to the unusual around Northamptonshire, Beds and Warwickshire.

We have taken all of this experience and skill and decided to take a sustainable approach and work exclusively within our local area.

Wood, trees and planting.

We have always had a policy for sustainability, reducing carbon footprints and recycling where possible.

But we view trees differently to our competitors looking at the holistic and cyclical nature of the business, we have seen the number of fly-by-night tree businesses grow over the last few years, companies who place very little care or value in the trees they work on and show a lack of investment in the tools required to do this job properly. We nickname them Chainsaw Charlie's. They damage our industry and ruin your trees only interested in the financial side of things.

We see the future of the industry requiring a better approach, one that utilises the products of the industry fully and allows other intrinsically linked elements of the business to flourish that is why we grow, manage our own woodland site which contains our wood yard and firewood business composting facility and allows us to plant trees for the future.


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